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Impex is a sort of mathematics. If you don't have clear methods you have a problem pursuing it. But kovi Green has reinvented some sort of unique ways to ensure quality check of products they deal with.

We are directly connected to farmers all over india and our products come directly from the farms of skilled producers of india.


Kovi Green is dedicated to help and support as many people as they can by providing their various services at really economic expenses.

Import Services
Everything can’t be produced in your locality or nation and hence import of commodities and various products is really important to complete the...
Export Services
If as a manufacturer or producer, one wants to reach every potential customer globally, then Kovi Green is dedicated to exporting your products from India to...
Internship Program
We are initiating some internship programs for those who wish to seek information about various aspects of impex and world trade...
Contract Farming
Contract farming involves agricultural production being carried out on the basis of an agreement between the buyer and farm producers...

About Us

I/E Solution that is connecting you to endless possibilities

Kovi Green is the fastest growing impex firm targeting to cross over a million dollars in this fiscal year. We are known for providing import-export solutions through our advanced and unique procedures of execution.

Kovi Green has reputed   producers as partners with the quality control team, which ensures the quality of traded products.

Our principle of  “collective responsibility” and “divided labour” makes us unique and efficient.


Why Choose Kovi Green?

Why Choose Kovi Green?

Quality Product & Packaging

We deliver quality and 100% authentic products

Customer friendly order procedure

Quick delivery on your preferred timing.

Large supply chains

Our varied and wide supply chains facilitate your
business exceptionally.

Active in the Market.

Our demanding customer based market aids
you to get your product selled exponentially.

Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision is to help our clients boost revenue

Our company’s vision is to use our proven B2B leadership and creative edge to make a significant business impact and drive revenue for technology companies and their various channels.

We intend to accomplish this by developing innovative media planning and communication strategies in a competitive and cost-effective manner.

We are here to help our clients keep driving demand for their products and services, lower sales costs, and stand out in ever-changing markets.

Our company mission is to exceed expectations

World Trade Archimedia is passionately driven by the mission of assisting businesses in making the necessary leap by providing demand generation solutions for revenue progression and brand awareness.

Our content syndication, demand generation, and database solutions aid in the creation of programmes, webinars, and other custom content. As a result, our advertising solutions and sales enablement expertise assist clients in reaching the right markets for qualified sales leads.